Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have a schedule that normally keeps me getting to bed at the right time.  It goes something like this:  I sit at my computer playing games until Wendy gets up to go to bed.  Once she does this I play out a couple more turns and then go to have my shower and sleep.  No problem!

The issue comes when Wendy gets addicted to a new game.  This happens a couple times a year or so and every time it does it throws me off because she starts staying up later in "Just one more turn!" mode and I never get my signal to go to bed at a reasonable hour.  I know I have a clock right in front of me, and beside me, and on my wrist, but that simply doesn't get me out of my "Just one more turn!" haze like her wandering away does so I end up staying up way too late.  This past week Wendy has been wrapped up in Mass Effect 1 and we have not been getting enough sleep.

I end up feeling sick and gross, grainy eyed and stupid.  What's more it turns out that acne (in me at least) is linked to sleep very tightly and I break out when I stop sleeping enough.  I can even tell the difference in my face after having a long nap during the day like I did today; afterwards I *look* better.  Doing this sure isn't about lack of knowledge because I know that I feel better and even get more done in the day if I have 9 hours of sleep instead of 8; the additional rest makes me far more productive than the extra hour of awakeness would.

Somehow I need to develop a signal that makes me go to sleep without waiting for Wendy to go to bed first.  I know that clocks and alarms won't do it as I have tried that; when I am home alone I mostly end up staying up far, far too late regardless of my intentions.  Everybody has their weak points, things they cannot resist.  For some it is doughnuts, for some it is shopping, for me it is taking just one more turn.  Seriously, I will go to bed after this turn, for real this time!

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  1. This is the same as the 'just one more piece of this jigsaw' syndrome. I can waste a hour or two that way.