Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Moral Dilemmas and Student Life

I often think of interesting moral dilemmas that might come up.  For example, what would I do if Sthenno called me up and asked me to help him secretly bury a human body somewhere?  I wonder how often people end up going down the wrong path in life because they want to help out a friend or relative and end up way over their heads.  I made small bets with myself over the question "If anybody I know ended up getting me in deep trouble with the law because I tried to help them, who would it be?"  Today I found out who would take me on that first step towards lawlessness:  Wendy.  This morning she got me to steal from a random person we don't know who lives on her path to work and carry the hot goods home.  Here they are:

You might be thinking "Wow, Sky stole a case of wine and drank all eleven bottles this morning? What a beast!"  You might be thinking instead "Sky stole a case of empty wine bottles?  WTF?" in which case you would be right; I stole a case of empty wine bottles from some random person's front lawn.  It reminds me of my time as a student in Waterloo when I was coming home at six in the morning one day and saw a neighbour putting a cruddy but functional chair out for the garbage.  I walked up to him and asked if I could take it and he quite happily gave it to me.  I suspect that living right next to a university with poor students on all sides he didn't find this behaviour strange.  Free garbage chair, yes!

There is, of course, a solid environmental rationale for stealing people's garbage.  It is far better to reuse than to recycle so we can count ourselves as being good citizens for stealing these wine bottles for wine making.  It wasn't so much out of some environmentalist agenda that we stole these bottles though but rather because it let us save money on buying them from the 'make your own wine' outfit for $1 apiece.  Ah, the student life; getting drunk on the cheap.

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  1. You're making wine! I'm coming to visit SOON!