Sunday, March 4, 2012

Are people really so awful as that?

On the newsstand today I saw a People magazine cover with the following shocking news:  Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are struggling with their upcoming marriage plans.  Angelina is insisting that the dress be black, that there not be wedding cake, and that Brad doesn't get to pick the ring.  Angelina is obviously trying to sabotage the marriage idea because all of this is so very shocking.

I know that cake and white dresses are the norm and all but is it really so unbelievable that a rather eccentric set of celebrities might alter their wedding plans from the norm in such trivial ways?  The thing that gets me is that I trust the editors of People.  If they put this rubbish on their front page it almost certainly is exquisitely tuned to make the masses go wild.  For some reason the readers of People actually think that somebody choosing a nontraditional dress colour or dessert at a wedding is big news.  I won't even touch that apparently the world is shocked at a woman choosing her own ring...

I had cupcakes at my wedding and I would have been perfectly content for Wendy to show up in a snowsuit, naked or anything in between.  It turns out that the first dress she found that she liked happened to be white and we found chose gold rings though, so score those two for normal behaviour.  The idea of being in a froth over a woman wanting to choose her own food and clothing for her wedding just makes me want to weep for humanity.  Even when People runs front pages that are just "Look who has cellulite!" it doesn't disappoint me in the way this cover did.

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