Monday, March 19, 2012

Get Drunk While Wearing Green Day

Normally I have a serious amount of disdain for both drunken student parties and St. Patrick's Day but it has been elevated to new heights.  On this St. Patrick's Day (also known as Get Drunk While Wearing Green Day) students in nearby London, Ontario had a gigantic riot, burning a vehicle and feeding the fire with gas and electronics.

Do you understand what you have done you fools?  Your behaviour managed to make normal St. Patrick's Day frat parties look *good*.  Normally we don't expect much out of those and would count ourselves lucky if all that happens is some breaking of furniture, some puking on sidewalks and an excessive amount of noise but this year we successfully added battles with police and exploding vehicles to the mix.

Most holidays deserve a pretty healthy bit of disdain.  Valentine's Day is nothing but a worldwide guilt trip designed to part people from their money or make them feel bad about being single and Easter has pretty much devolved into a gluttonous celebration of high fructose corn syrup - that is, when we aren't being thankful that one third of the Angry Invisible Man In the Sky was only pretending to be dead.

I think St. Patrick's Day may well be the worst of the lot.  Inspired by a catholic missionary and celebrated by excessive consumption of alcohol; there is little to love.  At least Easter has the tradition of the Easter Egg hunt which is a very pleasant little diversion.

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