Monday, September 5, 2011

An overdeveloped sense of dependency

I got back from a full week at the cottage and felt like I needed to plug into the internet for an extended period to recover from my absence.  Strangely it only took me an hour or so to read over the stuff in my feed reader and I was back up to date with the blogs and sites that I regularly follow.  After that I sat for a little bit wondering why I had an impression that I was missing so much when I was away when it took so little time to catch up again.  When I was really addicted to WOW I had a lot more to read to stay current but even then I think I overestimated how much connectivity mattered.

I certainly want the internet but I think perhaps my own mind has really come to exaggerate how much there is that I really want to read on a daily basis and how much it matters.  Aside from being utterly clueless about big news stories I seem to be able to go for substantial time periods without really needing that plug in.  This is probably a good thing but it still feels like a strange conclusion to come to.  In fact I think the biggest thing I missed was actually the regular blogging and the requisite learning and discussion that goes along with posting regularly.

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