Friday, September 30, 2011

Now I understand

When I was young I remember my dad going to great effort to bbq up steaks just perfectly seasoned and cooked to our specifications.  My response to having the steak put down in front of me was to head over to the fridge to grab the ketchup and prepare to utterly drown the steak.  I remember the look of pain and disappointment on my dad's face and him trying to convince me that ketchup was not necessary as the steak was already seasoned properly but I would hear none of it.  We eventually compromised on a small amount of ketchup instead of the tsunami I had been originally intending.

A few years later I went off to university and on my first day of frosh week my frosh leader found out about my love for ketchup and asked "Do you want to make a fool of yourself?" and of course I answered in the affirmative.  2 minutes later I was drinking ketchup straight out of the bottle in front of a massive audience and became known as the "Crazy frosh who drank ketchup" for quite some time.

Tonight I cooked up some stirfry vegetables, brown rice and salmon.  I cooked the salmon in butter with lots of pepper and lemon juice and it was crispy and smelled so good.... but when I put it down in front of Elli she ran straight to the fridge to get the ketchup.  All these years later and I finally understand that feeling.  I put in a lot of time and effort working to get this just right and you want to utterly drown all of that in a deluge of sugar, tomatoes and salt?  Why bother at all, just eat styrofoam and cover it in ketchup!  You know, like McDonalds.

I have heard in the past people saying "Oh my God, I'm turning into my Mother!(Or Father)" but this time it is more like "Dammit, he was right all along."

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  1. Ha, ha, ha. This is karma for sure. With each ball of yarn I bring home from the giant down-sizing at G&Gs I think of that saying, "my mother, myself".