Saturday, September 24, 2011

The future is now

I have talked about how far away mind uploading is... but holy gucamole batman scientists just did something that made me question that a little.  The short version is that using fMRI scientists managed to get a computer program to reconstruct a video a subject watched by analyzing their brain patterns during the viewing.  Check this out:

Mind reading by computer is a long way off but this is stunning.

Picture taken from original article at:


  1. Just wait until a director can dream a movie...

  2. People uploading their dreams to YouTube is going to be the distilled essence of the internet: so amazing but so, so terrible.

  3. Dreams uploaded to Youtube is just going to be a gigantic jumble of sex, superhero powers and surreal terrors with bad directing and editing.

    It will be incredibly fun for about an hour and then everyone will go back to looking for the cutest cat video.