Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Self Improvement

Recently I have been too addicted to my new game Glitch so I decided to order in some books for self improvement.  Michael Lewis is an author I enjoyed when I read his The Big Short and I found a few other books by him at the library, namely The Real Price of Everything and Liar's Poker.  I ordered them in from the library and when I went to pick them up I noticed something:  The Real Price of Everything is quite large enough to crush a small nation.  Also, Wendy had World War Z on hold too.

A good person with strong inclinations towards a better understanding of economics and the fiscal world would plunge right into the gigantic tome which contains wisdom from many famous economists like Kinsey and Adam Smith but instead I read the simple Liar's Poker.  It was a fun story of the shenanigans on Wall Street in the 80s and it reminded me of my adventures in medical sales - get in, make a bunch of money, get disgusted with the whole thing and leave.  Any guesses as to which bundle of knowledge I pick up next?  A hint:  It probably has more to do with the zombie apocalypse than monetary theory.

So much for self improvement.

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  1. I just bought World War Z on my Kobo. Probably going to read it next after Ready Player One which has started off pretty great so far even though it's pretty much entirely 80s nostalgia so far. (Go 80s!)