Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A misplaced note and a moment of panic

I left a note on my desk that was not meant to be there.  Shortly thereafter Wendy read the following when she glanced at it:

I am so sorry to leave like this but I have some matters to attend to.  I have grown to love you and I am so thankful for your friendship.  

Panic!  A love note talking about a break up.  From me, or to me?

I wish you all the best in your quest and I hope to one day see you again.  Be brave my love, Bobesh.

Wait, what?  Quest?  Who is Bobesh?  And then Wendy looked at the top of the note to read the salutation:

Dear Aerta,

Aerta, you must understand, is the name of my current character in my Dungeons and Dragons game.  Bobesh is the name of the character he is having a troubled romance with and who just recently ran off into the sunset leaving only this note to explain her actions.  Wendy, being both clever and used to my romantic escapades in roleplaying games (she has played my paramour before) instantly realized what was going on.  No need to panic, nothing is wrong.

Nothing at all.

Your husband is going over to an apartment belonging to a girl every week for several hours playing 'roleplaying games' with a group of people you have never met.  He comes home with love notes from the girl's 'character' and talks about their 'entirely fictional romance'.  To top it off the girl happens to be 15 years your junior and possess red hair and blue eyes which your husband is a notorious sucker for.

Nothing to worry about at all!

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