Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blogger stats

I am walking tall today.  Blogger tells me that on Nov 9 I got 600+ pageviews, which is roughly 6 times as many pageviews as I normally get on a posting day (Blogger only tracks actual visits, not feed readers, so I have no idea what my actual readership size is).  I wondered what it could be - was it my article on the health benefits of cutting out wheat?  A previous article that people were suddenly passing around?

No, it turns out I was just visited many times by a bunch of useless scammer sites like www.777seo.com.


This address in particular generated 280 separate hits.  I have no idea *why* a couple of different internet scam organizations decided to boost my readership count all on the same day but in looking at my stats I found some other fantastic stuff.  A Google search term that brought a ton of traffic to my site:

grassy plain israel

Apparently my old posts on reading the Bible are collecting hits still and the large number of people looking for 'grassy plain israel' information get sent here instead.  Sorry folks, I don't think I have what you want.  Other big winners were:

villain cough
play with my beard

I can see how each of these gets to me since I have posted about beards now and then and I do talk about villains (it is almost as much fun to say as buccaneers) but these searchers likely aren't pleased with what I have to offer.  I expect the last one is hunting for beard porn of some sort but I have no idea at all what 'villain cough' was supposed to find.

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  1. Maybe they're trying to find a villain that coughs a lot?

    I get villain related searches as well (because I thought about dressing up as Snidely Whiplash 2 years ago) and every so often someone looks for 'villain moustache' or 'villain handlebar' or 'villain train tracks' or such. Yesterday a couple came from 'cartoon villain mustache top hat pics'!