Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Labelling myself

I just found a useful piece of information in Matt Ridley's latest blog post.  It turns out I am a lukewarmer, that being someone who believes that the earth is warming and that carbon has a warming effect but who doubts much of the hype about AGW and is suspicious of many of the proposed solutions.  How convenient!  Now I can go about the internet and just post

"Insert lukewarmer manifesto here with an additional helping of suspicion towards big corporate and a tendency towards overconfidence."

instead of making actual points and everyone can just google "lukewarmer" and know what I would have said.  Of course once I have labelled myself in this fashion I am compelled to wander the blogosphere looking for people arguing and spew irrational vitriol at anyone who isn't 'on my team'.

Now if only I knew the appropriate moniker for my particular combination of political views I could really save myself some typing time.

Hooray for labels?

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