Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy weddings

I am up north in Thunder Bay for a week to attend my brother's wedding.  It isn't by any means a big, traditional wedding as we are going to have a party for 100 people outdoors and people are invited to show up in casual clothes.  Even then there are signs of wear and tear from those organizing the big day.  Both the bride and groom as well as my parents (who are hosting the bash) are clearly experiencing the stress and pinch of dealing with the event and although they are all happy it is happening they certainly cannot claim it has been all smiles and balloons.  I tell you, everybody should listen to me.

1 month engagement period.  (Very little time to be stressed.)
Small number of invitations.  (Fewer people = less planning.)
Simple preparations.  (Less stress and minimal cost.)

There are lots of things that I do that I think everybody should do but usually people disagree with me.  They want to own cars, wear shoes, own stuff and put on pants.  When I describe my version of the perfect wedding though they all agree with me and then they go ahead and do something else anyway.  You may look at me and think "get a job and put on some clothes ya hippie!" but you just gotta believe me on weddings... 25 people, no notice, backyard setting and minimal preparation makes for happy.


  1. But didn't I objectively have the best wedding ever?

  2. No stress here (from either Em or myself). Mind you, I've been away for six weeks of the planning but Em hasn't torn out a single hair over planning either.

  3. I don't think our stress has come from the wedding planning. It has more to do with deaths, jobs, visitors, and health issues at the same time as the wedding. It's going to be a very good party and WAY less work than putting on a large family meal.