Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Flying is the worst

Yesterday I successfully transitioned from home to the not-so-far East.  I bloody hate flying as it keeps me up tossing and turning and unable to sleep the night before.  It isn't the flight itself, which I find pretty boring, but rather the fear of missing the flight.  I tried to sleep until 1am and then got up to watch some videos on the internet, finally getting down to sleep at nearly 4am.  I have always been this way and I can't fathom why... I am taking an afternoon flight so there isn't even any possibility of oversleeping or anything.  Some people are terrified of their plane crashing into a mountain in a pile of flaming wreckage and I am left sleepless by the chance that I will somehow get completely borked by traffic or mishap and be late.  Hell, I even missed a flight completely once and the airline just put me on the next plane at no cost so I *know* that missing a flight isn't even much of a problem.  So why am I awake at 3:30am twitching and thrashing every damn time?  The only thing it gets me is an irritable wife and getting to travel with the slightly sick and grainy eyed feeling of sleep deprivation.

Of course once I arrive at the airport the bloody security guards discovered a bottle in my carryon that had a capacity of 177ml and which was 10% full.  100ml is the max you see, if they let me on the plane with a larger container than that I would surely blow it up.  The hilarious trick is that they aren't even confiscating *liquids*.  I can bring a boatload of containers full of liquid if I want to as long as each is 99ml or less.  But we are all safe because they are busy confiscating containers of any sort, empty or full, with a capacity larger than 100ml.  Can anyone explain why over the years security has seen fit to take away two pairs of nail trimmers, one shaving razor and two mostly empty bottles of liquid over 100ml in capacity?  Somehow somebody making the decisions has concluded that being annoying and wasteful is the same as being safe.

I must say though that the joys of flying are infinitely greater when flying alone.  Not having to cram myself and a small person into a airplane bathroom that isn't big enough for just me is the best.  No throwing up, no fights over "Yes, you HAVE to take a pee before we get on the plane!", just me reading my book.  It is a wondrous fair thing indeed.

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  1. Funny how the smallest bits of 'alone time' can be wonderful when you have kids. :)