Friday, December 20, 2013

Overcome by curmudgeonliness

I just viewed and listened to a neat new video.  It is a rendition of Little Drummer Boy by a fantastic group of voice artists.  I was blown away by the the sound, particularly given that they don't use any instruments.

Seeing this really cracked open some of my prejudices.  I certainly enjoyed the video and I have a particular soft spot for this particular song of all the religious Christmas songs but still I had a visceral reaction, an irritation towards the subject matter.  I hate the idea of people treating a hereditary dictator with reverence but the idea of simply playing music, of offering a gift of skill and beauty, as a replacement for traditional gifts of cash and goods feels so *good*.

I think most people would tell me to enjoy a song I clearly like sung by a group I suddenly fell in love with and stop being conflicted.  After all, it isn't as if me being enraged by hereditary monarchy is going to realize any great benefit.  It is just a thing I do and while it is justified it isn't doing me any favours.

Then I found out that they specifically edited the song to reference "Little Baby" instead of "Baby Jesus".  I guess that really nails this particular case shut - time to just listen to it again without the internal grumping.

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  1. You listen to the lyrics of songs? I think that's where you're going wrong. I enjoy the melody of many a religious song and totally ignore the words. I also don't know the words to many a popular rock/pop song I enjoy.

    Ignorance is bliss in this case.