Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kids and their music these days

Elli has fallen in love with Selena Gomez.  A year ago or so Elli was all about Justin Beaver (Yes, that is what she said, not a typo) but now she is all about Justin's ex girlfriend.  In particular Elli is obsessed with the song Naturally.  She loads up grooveshark and then asks me if she can play Naturally over and over again as she sits next to the computer singing snatches of music along with Selena.  I feel like I am missing out on a cultural benchmark in my life, the point at which I growl at my kid that music in my day was good and the crap that she listens to is no good.

Thing is I really don't mind Selena Gomez and I have been known to listen to a single song on endless repeat myself (usually Sandstorm).  I doubt very much that music obsessives will credit her with any great and lasting impact but her songs sound nice and are catchy.  I really can't claim any sort of high ground here either as the last time somebody asked me what my favourite artist was I answered Bon Jovi.  Which, I should note, was dangerous because my answer nearly caused the asker to veer off the road in amazement at my poor taste.  Don't ask me about music while driving if you really care about music.

Thankfully she does try to play her music too loud so at least I get to fuss at her to turn down the damn volume.  I don't have to miss out *entirely* on being a grumpy old killjoy.


  1. Naturally by Selena Gomez is a song about drawing "The natural" which is when someone plays three colours in draft and play one of each of their three basic lands on your first three turns. It is something that happens exclusively to your opponents, and they are moved to song about how this always happens when they play against you.

  2. What happened to the music of Gordon Lightfoot and John Denver? :)