Monday, December 2, 2013

Celebrity news

In celebrity news today, actor Paul Walker died in a car crash.  In related news people are very angry that everyone is talking about Paul Walker instead of the other person in the car.  After all, why are we so focused on the fact that a celebrity died instead of the less famous person beside him?

See, here is the problem.  Roughly one hundred people are killed every day in North America by car accidents.  Of course they don't get national attention; who could keep up with it?  Paul Walker, while completely irrelevant to me, was in a very tiny way relevant to many people.  They care a lot about the Fast and Furious movie franchise perhaps.  Regardless there is no uncertainty about why people care and why this story was reported - people would actually recognize the name of the dead person.  I don't particularly think that following celebrity news is a worthwhile endeavour but I can see the logic in printing the news of a celebrity's demise because folks, rightly or wrongly, want to know.

Also if you really want to draw attention to how nobody pays cares when random people die but do care about a famous person you really ought to consider that making a poster of the guy *who died in a car with a famous person* might not be the place to start.  You are doing it WRONG.

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