Thursday, July 4, 2013


Last night I sent Wendy a text while she was out with some friends.  A single word text, in fact.  "Nipples"  I sent it and waited, knowing that her phone would whistle and she would check it within a minute or two.  When no answer came back I was elated - I was fairly sure that this meant I had achieved my goal.  When she got home the following conversation took place:

Wendy:  So why did you send me that text earlier tonight?

Me:  Well, I figured that you would see it and you would laugh.

Wendy:  Okay, well, that happened...

Me:  And then I figured you would show it to your friends and they would laugh too.  Did that happen?

Wendy:  Well, yes.

Me:  Victory!  <Fist pump>

Maybe I am just weird.  Scratch that, I am weird.  In particular though I love doing little experiments like that  to see if I can predict people's behaviour accurately.  She could have had any number of reactions but I was sure it would be 1.  Laugh.  2.  Friends ask about laugh.  3.  Show friends.  4.  Friends laugh.  The lack of reply was the key - there was nothing to say.

You can send your wife a text saying "Nipples" and it is science.  I was testing a hypothesis!  Making the world a better place!  Expanding the sum of human knowledge!


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  1. Just so long as everyone reading this doesn't start sending *me* texts that say nothing but "Nipples". Ok, scratch that, that would probably be hilarious.