Sunday, July 28, 2013

Campfire stories

Ah, sitting around the campfire.  Is there anything better?  One of the best parts is the conversations that come out of it.  Like, for example, the following conversation which occurred on Friday while camping in The Pinery with Sandbox Lady and her family.

Sandbox Lady:  S'mores are the best part of camping.

Me:  No, that isn't the best part of camping at all.  *wicked grin*

Aussie Accent Girl (6 years old):  What do you mean?

Me:  I will tell you when you are older.

Elli (6 years old):  I think you mean sex!  Because I caught you and mama doing that this morning!


Elli then proceeded to take Aussie Accent Girl off to their tent and give her Sex Ed 101.  We overheard such phrases as "and the whole bed shakes".  Wendy and I were left sitting at the fire caught between apologizing for our offspring and laughing our asses off at what just happened.  Obviously this is not the way you want your children to have their first introduction to the concept of sex since Elli's idea of what sex is can't possibly be right but sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.  Sandbox Lady evidently gets to have the first sex talk with her daughter a bit ahead of schedule.

Of course Elli was right, which is the most amusing part of all.  She doesn't yet know that I meant sex on a beach in particular but she sure had the general idea.  The moon coming out from behind a cloud and flooding the scene with light, the sound of the waves, and the stars overhead ... yeah, that is the best part of camping.  S'mores are fine and all and things cooked over a campfire have a particular zest to them that it probably all in my head but they certainly aren't the best part of camping.  They *are* probably the best part of camping you should talk about in front of your 6 year old though.

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