Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cupcakes are tricksy, much like hobbitses

Wendy and I had our eighth wedding anniversary on Monday.  As is our usual habit with such things we ignored it; both of our sets of parents make a much bigger deal out of our anniversary than we usually do.  Wendy went off to a knitting club for the evening while I hung out at home.  Contrary to my usual routine I elected to do something interesting and productive ? while Wendy was out and produce food.  Our wedding ignored the traditional wedding cake and went with a selection of delectable cupcakes instead - I highly recommend this strategy both for deliciousness and cost.  Given this I decided to make cupcakes for the first time.

Normally I use my internet aggregate cooking system for recipe creation but that is risky to use when baking.  Thankfully it turns out that the first recipe google located for me while searching 'chocolate cupcake recipe' was dynamite.  I managed to create an excellent shade of purple (enthusiastically approved by Wendy who loves purple very much) for the the icing and was all set to go, or so it seemed.  Unfortunately I am a bit clueless when it comes to many things so icing got spread on the cupcakes while they were still warm.  This resulted in something of a mess.

It turns out that cupcakes that are slightly warm melt the icing and it drips all over the counter, the cupcake liners, and anything else nearby.  So much for presentation.  The project went over very well when Wendy got home though.  It turns out that the cupcakes existing and being purple was the key to the bit; them being pretty wasn't required.  A piece of luck, that.


  1. The cupcakes existed, were purple, and also delicious. Tasty food doesn't need to be just has to be more presentable than gray mush...

  2. Good idea. Great to eat. And now you know the trick about icing.