Monday, December 17, 2012

Where Tiny Tim once sat

A Christmas Carol really gets to me.  Wendy and I went to see it as a play last night and I couldn't keep it together at all - I cried at several of the scenes, in particular the ones where Tiny Tim's family mourn his passing.  That story really gets to me emotionally, particularly when the actors really get into the scene themselves.  I just can't block out my empathy when people get so wrapped up in their emotions and project their own misery outward.  Strangely Wendy is the tough guy when it comes to these things.  Normally I get accused of being the cold fish, the one without feelings, the robot, but when it comes to crying at shows I am definitely the softy.

I went to see the play because my brother Matt is in it; normally going out to see a play isn't my first impulse. It made me wonder though if doing acting is something I would like to do as a hobby.  Not as a way of making money, to be sure, because acting as a way to pay the bills is even more sketchy than game designing, but just for fun.  I know a fair number of people who enjoy community theatre and it certainly seems like both a lot of fun and a giant timesink.  I guess the difficulty is that mostly the timesink occurs on evenings and weekends, where I have no spare time, rather than monday to friday, 9 to 3, when I have tons of spare time.

Because of course writing a book isn't sucking enough of my time up and I need another hobby that desperately drains all of the spare time and energy I manage to acquire.  It would have so many fun elements to it though, like learning to cry on command, giving speeches, and going off script just to keep my coactors on their toes.  They would let me give speeches in front of crowds and everybody would have to listen to me!  Bwahaha and such.

As a note I am up north for the holidays and posts may be inconsistent or shoddy due to time constraints; consider yourselves warned.


  1. Do it. Could be really rewarding.

  2. You might be able to find an acting class that occurs at a good time for you.


  3. "it certainly seems like both a lot of fun and a giant timesink" - YES!