Thursday, December 6, 2012

Give me your leader

The world is ending.  The Mayans, who apparently were wrong about pretty much everything but could somehow predict the end of the world, have told us that it is all over in just a few days.  Australia's Prime Minister confirms it:

Oh, wait, no, it turns out that not only is the world going to continue on just fine but also the Mayans didn't predict the end of the world.  Even if they did... are we seriously basing our lives around the long term predictions of people from the stone age?  I should not that the track record of people who believe some guy who says the apocalypse is nigh is very poor indeed.

Also, how do I exchange Canada's Prime Minister for one who makes public speeches mocking random fools who believe in this kind of nonsense?  Also one who talks about imminent zombie invasions.  Man, I either need to move to Australia or get her to come here and run things.  Maybe Julia Gillard wants to be the new mayor of Toronto?  I don't even care what her politics are.

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