Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I want to live somewhere else, she says

Elli has been complaining that she doesn't like where we live and she wants to live someplace else.  Our condo itself is fine, it would seem, but she really, really hates the construction we have to pass by every day on our way to school.  They have a wooden wall up that protects the sidewalk in theory but in practice the air is clogged with dust all the time and just passing by the place leaves me feeling gritty and unpleasant.  Unfortunately we aren't likely to get past it anytime soon since there are two more gigantic building projects due to go up on our four block walk to school over the next couple years.  Add to that the possibility of a new underground mass transit system going in right under us and things could be a bloody mess for a long time.

I hate it.

I won't by a NIMBY though.  They need to build these buildings and put in that mass transit.  Urban intensification is a very good thing environmentally speaking so the only objection I can realistically muster is that it is personally inconvenient right now.  It is an odd sensation though, watching my world change around me.  Having grown up in the country where things changed very slowly and consistently it is a really strange experience to have new buildings suddenly appear in a relatively tiny timeframe.  Although that did happen now and again when I was press ganged into building a gazebo, say, it just didn't feel the same way.  The gazebo was personal but this massive bout of construction is a world that is going to become radically different in a really annoying way and it doesn't give a crap about what I think.

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  1. Lots of room in our basement to build an apartment.