Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blog refunctional

So for those who tried to click on my blog normally, has been nonfunctional for a week.  Apparently Google has boned up something pretty good on blogger and redirects are being a real problem right now.  I blame Pounda.

For the moment I will just post on the current address and things should work fine.  Once those folks stop sliding down their fireman's poles and slides and getting their free beer from the fridge maybe they can fix me?  Of course I completely lack any credibility here since blogger is free and complaining that you can't get a free service to do random extra stuff seems ... to lack much punch, as far as complaints go.  It is just great fun to mock people who have such a ridiculously awesome workplace though.  They can take it, or not, but either way they are playing foosball during work hours so they probably will get over it.

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