Friday, September 7, 2012

Teenagers and fashion violations

I have been going barefoot a lot this past week.  Two years ago I ended up being forced to wear shoes at Elli's school due to 'health concerns' but I have given up on obedience and decided to risk a telling off.  So far, no fights, but I have happily been without foot coverings for a week.  I did manage to have a hilarious encounter with a pair of teenage girls on the bus yesterday though.  They were very curious about why I would go without shoes and asked a bit about the basic logistics; the conversation got really amusing when they started to focus on the fashion faux pas portion of being barefoot.

Teenagers:  So, do you have a girlfriend?

Me:  No, but I do have a wife.

Teenagers (Incredulous): You have a wife?!?


Does she go barefoot too?


So, does she go outside with you?


But isn't that a problem?


Isn't she worried about what people will think?

I guess not!

To be sure, Wendy would probably prefer it if I just wore shoes.  She doesn't like the idea of confrontations and doesn't have my intense desire to avoid covering my feet.  However, she does seem to have decided that I have some kind of appeal that warrants staying with me even though I break every fashion law I become aware of.  Also, fashion laws I am very much ignorant of.  Teenage preconceptions notwithstanding, it is in fact possible to find someone to marry you even if you are a teensy bit weird.

As the teenagers got off the bus they threw their gum at a random lady in a nearby seat and ran away laughing at her.  Apparently it is preposterous to imagine being romantically involved with someone with doesn't conform to fashion norms but hucking gum at strangers is all good.  People, I present to you:  Teenagers.

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