Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So I bought a skirt

Though it might have seemed impossible that I could stand out even more than I do just by wandering around shoeless I think I have done it.  I went out and bought myself a ridiculously overpriced UtiliKilt and now I can wander around appearing in gender nonconforming clothing while also refusing to wear shoes.  The question is:  Once I have violated one clothing norm does violating one more multiply the crazy, making me appear totally nutty, or does adding on nonconformity hardly matter once you break the barrier once?  I do know for sure that the children at Elli's school were quite taken aback and couldn't seem to decide between questioning me about the kilt or my bare feet.  They were all quite certain that men weren't allowed to wear skirts and that everyone had to wear shoes but which violation was more strange and offensive wasn't clear.

As Sthenno rightly pointed out, this UtiliKilt really does look like I am trying to draw particular attention to my groin with its strategically placed triangle of snaps - I assure you that isn't the intention, though my groin getting extra attention seems like it could provide some nice entertainment value.  Elli was very interested in the snaps and eagerly touched them when she first saw them.  This may have been slightly awkward as I was in a crowded room with her teacher and classmates at the time. I look forward to her introducing me to her dates in high school with "And this is my crazy dad who doesn't wear shoes but does wear skirts... please don't think I'm weird?"  She is going to have so many things to tell her therapist when she gets older!

I apparently have a lot to learn about how to sit down properly with a skirt and probably need to consider how I am going to avoid flashing the public at large during wind gusts and such.  I haven't yet gone commando in my kilt but it seems like a thing that has to be done.  That is how they are supposed to be worn, after all.

I don't know why I am doing the Egyptian.  I had a normal picture with me standing there with a pasted on smile but who puts that kind of boring crap up on the internet?  Goofy or get out.  In closing:  UtiliKilts are awesome, and not just for making other people uncomfortable!

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  1. Would look good with a pair of sandals or boots. Then Elli's Dad would only be half weird. Maybe even a fashion trend-setter.