Sunday, September 2, 2012

A catastrophic loss of connectivity

For the past week I have been up in the far north trying to deal with an internet that doesn't work.  I could get a signal but performance was extremely intermittent and I was stuck like rat in a cage desperately pressing a lever to get a pellet of internet.  Because the speed wasn't consistent I, like said rat, continually pressed buttons trying to get that singular moment of speedy connection instead of just accepting that it wasn't worth doing.  If only there was a consistent pattern I could have convinced my primitive brain to only take what I needed but rewards that are inconsistently applied generate an senseless and endless series of webpage requests.

Consider the internet as a sixth sense and where it would fit in the hierarchy of senses.  I wouldn't give up my sense of sight to get the internet.  I wouldn't give up hearing either, though that one is closer.  I can't even imagine what giving up touch would mean, but it is certain that I would toss taste or smell  for internet without hesitation.  I like things that taste good but the idea of never being able to cruise a forum and flame on some fools who are Wrong on the Internet is unthinkable.  On the bright side of losing taste I  would probably be able to eat even more healthily than ever before with no particular attraction to sugary foods - though without the pull of good taste I might end up even more skinny than I am now.

I am happy for the perspective though.  I may well be a happier person during the time that the internet is off because I end up reading interesting books, going for walks, and visiting with people instead of plugging in.  I lose some worldwide perspective but I gain some attachment to my surroundings and some physical exercise; probably a good exchange.  When I get back online though I desperately sift through my web reader, check out the latest news and get caught up on politics and war and then blog about them.  Whether or not being addicted to the internet is a good thing in general it is certainly something I cannot avoid.

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