Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lotta lotta sex yo

The Olympics makes a point of trying to take care of the athletes involved.  Although all kinds of injuries are to be expected the organizers want to try to mitigate a brutal outbreak of sexually transmitted diseases and so they provide condoms for the athletes; approximately 140,000 condoms to be exact.  Since there are 10,000 athletes and the competition goes for 17 days we can assume that the athletes will be using those condoms at a rate of .82/day.  Since you generally speaking need 2 people for a condom to be of much use we can guesstimate that the athletes are having sex 1.62 times/day on average during the competition.

Of course there are factors that are difficult to account for that make this number less than perfectly accurate.  Some athletes won't be having sex due to being underage, in committed relationships, being convinced that extramarital sex is evil/bad, or simply lack of interest.  Obviously that last one is going to be pretty rare and the other three never seemed to stop people much in the past but certainly *some* of them will abstain.  Some will also have sex without condoms or with condoms not given away for free one would imagine; this raises the number further.  Mitigating these factors is the fact that some condoms will end up unused for various reasons.

In the end though we can safely assume that the athletes that are having sex are doing so somewhere in the neighborhood of twice per day.  Of course that would suggest that a substantial portion of them are in the three or four times per day range which is pushing way beyond 'hooking up a lot' and into 'nonstop orgy'.  Clearly when you are 20 years old, far from home, having an intense emotional experience, in possession of a supremely fit body and surrounded by others in an identical set of circumstances you are going to end up with lots of sex.  I really didn't think it would be quite that *much* sex though.  I led a pretty sheltered life as a teenager, (particularly so for someone who had parents who weren't especially strict) but even then I can hardly imagine such a scene.

I thought for normal people it would be hard to resist having sex with someone who is an Olympic athlete.

"So I was on vacation and this Olympic beach volleyball girl came on to me... what was I supposed to do, say no?"

But I figured that being an Olympic athlete might mitigate the desperate need to have sex with a hard bodied person who might be famous.  Turns out I was mistaken.  Maybe the Olympics should try to get some extra income by selling tapes from the Olympic village to porn companies....

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  1. It might be a bit condescending (borderline racist, maybe?) of me but I imagine if you are just out of your teens and come from a very strict background, you would jump at the chance of gorging yourself in sex in the one place your mom and neighbours will never know about? Possibly your only chance *in your whole life* until you get married without risking social shunning? Or your only chance of having sex with more than one person, for that matter.

    Honestly, my parents were very permissive and 20 yo me would go bonkers :)