Sunday, August 26, 2012

Internal monologue

Man, do people still do the father walking the bride down the aisle?

Why do they do that?

Don't they know it is just a symbol of patriarchal dominance and an overt signal that a woman is the property of a man?

Damn parents, horning in on a perfectly good wedding with their anachronistic sexist baggage.

Geez, when did I become such a feminist?

I watched these things for years without having these thoughts smash around inside my skull.

Being at a wedding didn't used to so consistently enrage me.

Damn, they are giving their vows!  I gotta stop zoning out and actually live in the moment.

Why go to a wedding if all I do is get wrapped up in gender politics and atheistic zeal?

Ack, I did it again!  Must focus.

Awww, they made up vows that rhyme... badly.  But they are so sweet.

I am going to cry!

Dammit, I suppressed the crying.  Stupid reflexes. There is nothing wrong with crying.

Displays of emotion are normal and healthy.  Must not suppress them by reflex.

Sigh.  Now I am not crying because I am all focused on myself and philosophy and I am ignoring the proceedings again.

Must focus on the actual event... and it looks like it is over and they are signing the book.

Great, so I missed half the wedding arguing with myself and being bitter at random people who I won't ever see again.

Someday I will figure out how to just watch an event without spending all my time thinking about the meta themes... but not today, evidently.

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