Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shiny new things

Take a look at the following picture and tell me what the object in it is useful for.

Maybe you are a wiseass and you answer "It is a kitchen counter, useful for putting other kitchen implements on."  However, the most common answer would be "It is a toothbrush, useful for cleaning teeth."  Both answers are wrong: It is a tummy smoother, hairbrush, nose cleaner, magic wand, gun, pen and table polisher.

Elli got a new toothbrush at the dentist today and it has served all those purposes and more since.  She has been utterly unwilling to part with it to the extent that I had to use this generic toothbrush in my picture because her new pink and purple Ariel the Mermaid toothbrush is tucked into bed with her for the night.  Adults get stuck on new things and love to wear or use new possessions but this is a whole new level of attachment.  The toothbrush is her all, her everything, and must travel absolutely everywhere with her.  All imaginative play is based around what her toothbrush is at this very moment.  Bizarre.

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