Thursday, October 6, 2011

The problem with marrying 100 people

Elli:  I don't want to marry Kid at School any more.

Me:  Why?

Elli: He is mean to me.

Me:  Well, you shouldn't marry people who are mean to you.

Elli: But I want to have babies!

Me:  There are lots of nice people out there, you can find someone who isn't mean to have babies with.

Elli: Yes, I will marry 100 people!

Me:  Well, that is a lot of people and marrying 100 people might have some problems.

Elli: Yeah, because we would only have 2 beds and the kids get one bed and we have to stack all the people on the other bed and they stack up so high and then 2 girls get on top and then I get on top of them but all those people break the ceiling!

You heard it first here, the problem with marrying 100 people is that you all get into one bed and break the ceiling.  No other problems at all!

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