Friday, October 14, 2011

Over the top

Recently a new grocery store moved into my neighborhood called Marcheleos.  I knew from talking to people that they were aiming to be an upscale grocery store but I never quite realized what that meant until today when I discovered that they employ two full time valets and a security guard in addition to the normal roster of two deli personnel, two cashiers, three managers and some backroom staff.  All of this for a grocery store that is really quite tiny, probably measuring six meters by twenty meters of floor space.  Their prices, of course, reflect this extravagance and I sure won't be buying anything from them.

Can they really expect to sell enough overpriced groceries to pay for all these extra (and almost certainly useless) staff?  I bet on them being closed in under six months.  There are people in my neighborhood who have the kind of money that they will shop at this sort of place I suspect but I can't imagine there are anywhere near enough - this isn't located in a trendy shopping area but rather sandwiched between Popeyes Chicken and a vacant storefront on Eglinton Avenue.  Bizarre.

I wonder if they will kick me out for going in barefoot?  :)

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