Thursday, August 4, 2011

More corn

There was a question raised at the dinner table tonight.  I had served up corn on the cob fresh from the farmer's market, duly slathered with butter, salt and pepper.  The corn was absolutely delicious, in that sense of desperate chomping, butter dripping down chins and a beard full of salty, oily goodness.  As usual we were so desperate to eat we burnt our fingers and scorched our tongues rather than just wait 2 minutes for it to cool down.


The question for the ages is "Is this corn actually any good or is it just a vehicle for copious quantities of spices and fats?

You will note that in the aftermath of our gluttony one cob of corn was left partly eaten because it sucked.  It tasted bad and looked old.  So the answer is now clear:  Butter, salt and pepper are wonderful things but even they cannot fully disguise the taste of bad.  Fresh corn on the cob is actually as awesome as it seems.  Write that down.

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