Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Danger danger!

When I was doing my barefoot project everyone asked me if I was worried about broken glass on the ground.  Well, either that or they asked me how often I had cut my feet on broken glass on the ground but either way the answer was about the same...

"What glass?"

To be sure, I *saw* glass on the ground here and there and sometimes there were bits of glass in the crevices of the pavement but it was never an issue.  Today I stepped directly on a piece of broken, jagged glass with bare feet for the first time.  I felt a pinch under my foot, shifted my stance, continued to feel a pinch and then lifted up my foot to find a shard of glass stuck to it.  I peeled it off and noted that absolutely no damage had been done even though 3 distinct pointed edges had been trying their best to pierce my flesh.

So there you go.  It turns out I am largely invulnerable to glass.  In even more ironic news the glass was not located on a sidewalk, nor even a park but rather in the elevator in my building.  So much for the outside world being dangerous.  :)


  1. Put on your shoes and worry no more about broken glass.

  2. I once saw a magician demonstrate the trick of walking on broken glass in bare feet.

    It turns out the trick is that you can just do that.