Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Having another baby

Wendy and I aren't planning on having another baby.  Elli is most put out over this fact and has been quite regularly telling us that she wants to be a big sister.  I suspect that she would be very excited about being a big sister for about 3 hours until she realized that it meant Mommy and Daddy are going to be extremely busy and tired for a very long time and that she would no longer be getting nearly as much attention.

Mommy I want to be a big sister.  Can you and Daddy have a baby girl?

Well Elli, you know that we can't choose whether or not we have a girl or a boy right?  It is random and we don't know which it will be.

Yes you can, you can choose!  Pick a girl and have a baby girl!

Elli, we aren't going to have another baby but even if we did we wouldn't be able to choose - that isn't how babies work.

Yes it is!  (Stomps feet and pouts)

(A few days later)  Okay Mommy and Daddy, I want to be a big sister, you can even have a boy.


This morning she came up with a jewel of an announcement.

Mommy, when I get bigger I want you to get married again.

Well Elli, your Mommy married me and she isn't going to marry anyone else.

No, Mommy can marry you again and then you can have another baby!

She has the idea that once people get married they have babies but there are a few little details in there she isn't quite clear on... I will give her credit for tenacity and creativity though.  She wants a sibling and she is willing to bend reality in any number of ways to make that happen.  She seems to be a born salesperson:  Decide what you want.  Make up the rest of reality to support that.  Tell everyone reality is that way and do it with conviction.  Profit!

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  1. Here's the thing: The laws against polygamy are very likely to be overturned one day. The marriage law in Ontario (not the criminal law) that prevents this would then presumably also be attacked and overturned. That law, however, does not say that you can't marry more than one person, it says that a marriage license cannot be issued to a person who is already married. Thus, the overturning of polygamy laws would not only allow people to marry more than one person it would also allow two people who are already married to get married to one another again.

    I'm looking forward to my second wedding.