Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Culinary Oppression

Yesterday I decided to make something new for supper.  Like most people I have a list of favourites that I make over and over and in my mind a switch flipped and I needed to surprise myself.  This is not usually greeted with open arms by my ladies because my adventures into the culinary arts usually involve me saying "Fuck it!" a lot and making really odd food.

What I settled on was baked potatoes and sweet and sour veggies.  I know that a mix of onions, mushrooms, pineapple, and red pepper in a sweet and sour sauce is *supposed* to be paired with rice, but I won't stand for being pushed around by the cooking police, I am going to go my own way!

After looking up a sweet and sour recipe on the internet I produced what I thought was a quite nice sweet and sour veggie dish.  Everyone agreed that it was a fine thing in and of itself.  The combination of it with baked potato was met with substantially more suspicion.  I was pleased with how potato with melted butter and sweet and sour sauce tasted and I enjoyed the meal greatly.  As is usual for me my enjoyment was ramped up because I had ignored the prevailing advice and just done whatever the hell I wanted.  Nothing makes victory sweeter than knowing that you ignored the establishment and did it your own way!

But it would have been even better on rice.  Dammit.

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  1. RS and I like to put salsa and refried beans on baked potatoes (usually with much cheese and sour cream, but you could just add whatever other nacho toppings you wanted). It's pretty delicious.