Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A tool for 'debate'

The plane crash in Germany recently is undoubtedly a tragedy, all the more puzzling and difficult because it cannot be attributed to a broken widget or a lapse in attention but rather was a deliberate massacre.  Of course there is little known about what the pilot was thinking or what caused him to do this awful thing but hopefully we can use this as a catalyst to have a conversation about mental health and pilots if nothing else because that is actually a serious issue.  (Pilots have particular problems with not being allowed to use broad categories of drugs while flying, as I understand it.)

Instead it seems to be a flashpoint for other conflicts, like the one between feminists and incels.  (INvoluntary CELibates, straight men who complain on the internet about how they can't get dates.  Also how all women are evil, and the government should force women to have sex with them or they will commit atrocities.  Charming.)

I totally have sympathy for those who struggle to get dates, or those who think they will never be able to find somebody who will want them.  That is a damn hard thing.  I think we should have some measure of sympathy for that difficulty no matter the person is, what their gender is, what they look like, or whatever other challenges they face in dating.

That ends when they decide to cheer on murderers.  It turns out that this has been happening, with incels concluding that the pilot in question, Andreas Lubnitz, was an incel and was taking revenge on the world for his lack of dating success.  (That the facts don't support this at all doesn't seem to be any object.)  When you cast a pilot who kills hundreds of people as a hero fighting for the cause you suddenly lose all sympathy.  Poof!  It's gone.  When you say "But you gotta have some sympathy for these poor fellows.  Sure, they think massacres are great, but they haven't gotten laid in FOREVER." you should not expect me to melt and give you pats and kisses.

To be completely fair if you were already posting things on then you probably had no sympathy from me long before you cheered on a murderer, but that really does put it over the edge.

The internet is wonderful in that it allows people of like mind to form communities together.  Unfortunately there seems to be a community out there that is dedicated to making mentally ill people who commit acts of brutal savagery into martyrs for the cause... and the cause is "I want all the hot girls to sex me up NOW."


  1. Why do you read You should be spending that valuable time figuring out intellectual property rights for your new game instead.

    1. I never have and probably never will read it. It was linked from the post I linked to. I am in fact working out new stuff for my game today, reading up on Kickstarter strategies!