Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I smashed my chair this weekend.  Not deliberately but rather just by adding that final straw.  I leaned back, felt a lurch, heard a splintering of wood, and the chair back fell away from me.  I managed to avoid pitching right over and looking the fool though, so at least I have that.  After extricating myself from my damaged vessel, I realized that the chair back had split into two pieces and fallen apart, having been beaten to death by fifteen years of stretching and lounging, leaning and spinning.

There is quite a powerful moment when you hear the unmistakable noise of destruction but don't know what is happening.  A split second of certainty that the world is about to be a worse place but you just don't know quite how yet occurs, then is gone.

So I took the back off, got out the tools to remove the giant iron spike that once supported it, and now I am left with just the remains.

I have a rolly stool.  (Rollie stool?  I can't decide.)  It turns out though that I like rolly stools.  The back of the chair always took up far too much space in the kitchen, both physical and visual, and now things are more open.  Also I think my posture is going to improve because instead of slouching back into my chair I am sitting up straight, supporting myself.  It looks really weird though because I have the higher part of the chair towards the front, which somehow seems very wrong visually though it feels right to sit on.  I suppose there are probably medical professionals with strong opinions on the usage of backs on chairs but I don't think I will bother consulting them.

Can't say whether or not I will stick with it.  I tried the standing desk and that didn't last long, but maybe this will go the distance.


  1. Stools are usually flat and I wonder if the sloping style will be painful in the long run. We have a spare computer chair in the basement (remember the new Christmas one?) and will deliver it within 50 kms. :)

  2. Hey I knew scrolling back would pay off...one more mystery of Unit#yours is solved!

  3. Hey I knew scrolling back would pay off...one more mystery of Unit#yours is solved!