Sunday, October 27, 2013

Worrying levels of incompetence

Elli has been going to the Hospital for Sick Kids periodically over the past while.  Nothing serious each time, just trying to finally solve some ongoing issues.  A few months ago we set up an appointment for several tests including an ultrasound all for tomorrow the 28th.  Six weeks ago we got a phone call asking us to come in quickly for other tests including another ultrasound.  I was puzzled but the person on the line insisted it was right so in we came.

After doing the tests the nurse gave us results and talked about our next steps.  I was somewhat confused and asked about the second set of tests that were booked for the 28th.  She had no idea those tests were even scheduled, and we had to go chat with some administrative folk to figure out what was going on.  It turns out the hospital had called us in for the exact same ultrasound that was already booked for the 28th.  No one could figure out why we were booked for the same procedure on two different days.  I got the folks there to cancel the second ultrasound and rearrange our day on the 28th so it would make sense and all seemed fixed.

Then a week ago I got a reminder phone call about an ultrasound booked on the 28th.  The exact same ultrasound that we had already completed and which I had cancelled weeks ago.  The caller seemed confused and was finally able to figure out that we had other things booked that day and asked several times if I wanted to cancel the ultrasound for the 28th.  This boggles me.  Did I cancel it for real before?  Is the cancellation going to work this time?  If I go in on the 28th are you still going to try to do the ultrasound?  I have no idea at this point.

I assume this administrative boondoggle is not reflective of the work of the actual physicians and nurses.  I hope so anyway.  Perhaps my friends who are in the health field can chime in on that.

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  1. admin most certainly does not reflect the work of doctors (in my opinion). i would hate to think my work was being judged on administrator's performaces!