Thursday, October 3, 2013

Something wonderful on the internet... who knew?

The Columnist told me that there was a video on the internet I desperately needed to see called "Fuck me in the ass because I love Jesus."  This video is NSFW as one would rightly expect from the title.  It was one of those videos that destroys a day because after viewing it you may end up cruising Youtube looking for everything by Garfunkel and Oates, the two musicians who perform it.  I lost an afternoon watching everything of theirs I could find and burst out laughing on a constant basis.  They don't restrict themselves to lampooning teenagers who think that anal sex is a way to be pure in the eyes of God either - pretty much everyone is subject to their particular brand of mockery and scorn.  It reminds me a bit of Russell Peters' comedy routine in that although they are truly offensive it is hard to be bitter as they mock themselves as much as anyone.  So if you are sitting around thinking that you really need another excellent distraction then click that link.

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