Thursday, November 8, 2012

TV time

Since Wendy and I have been sick so much these past weeks we have been watching a lot more TV than ever before.  Of course we don't have a TV nor any other way to generally access the programming everyone else relies on so we had to employ a different strategy that combined information gathering techniques and petty larceny.  Here is the plan:  First off, you find a bunch of people who watch TV and have good taste.  Then you ask them to tell you what the best series on TV is that is at least 3 seasons old.  After that, you borrow their copies of the series and watch all of it back to back!  It turns out their answer goes something like "Well, obviously you have seen Arrested Development, so I guess the second best is Community..."

This week we are addicted to Community.  It is a well crafted comedy but I find it particularly engaging because it reminds me so poignantly of my university years.  The group that the series focuses on isn't exactly the same as my group of university friends (the lack an old, dementia ridden, racist, sexist lunatic for one thing) but the shenanigans they get up to take me back.  Just the culture of having immense reserves of time, plenty of energy and imagination, and a lack of anything resembling a long term plan sure strikes a chord.  It doesn't hurt that a couple of the actresses in the group are hot, hot, hot either.  They manage to be 30 years old and still convincingly play 18 year olds... makeup can do wonders?

Having decided that we need to consume season 2 in a serious hurry Wendy and I began to investigate Netflix and I was pretty astounded at the price.  How is it that cable companies manage to get $60 a month from people and Netflix only costs $8?  I guess it is just sports programming and the news that draws in the cable crowd?  I can't figure any other reason to fork over so much money when so much slightly dated but awesome programming is just sitting there waiting to be consumed with gusto.


  1. I don't know what ISP you're using but you may find Netflix costs a fair bit more after bandwidth is taken into account.

  2. Good point. I have a free month to try out Netflix so I guess I should keep an eye on that.

    Also, Wendy and I had fun matching the crowd in Community up with people in our university social group. It was ... amusing. Abed had WAY too many candidates!

  3. Any you care to share? I'm curious...


  4. I don't use people's real names on the blog aside from immediately family, so anyone who wants my list of who is who should email me directly. :)