Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Geek victory

I used to get my news from the BBC.  They tend to have a much less biased take on world events than news sources either here in Canada or in the US but they do have the problem that soccer and other 'leave the house' pastimes get a lot of air time.  Who does that?  Anyway, I found a news source much more to my liking.  Instead of 'random guy who plays soccer (yes, soccer, not football) did something' I get people geeking out over new game launches and crazy science in addition to the international politics and economics stories.  Also, they manage to be consistently amusing while also being informative; its like Kryptonite, except backwards.

Here is the pure goldmine though:  The comments on the videos there constantly focus on whether or not the reporters are 'legitimate' geeks.  Are they really hardcore game players who can be trusted to tell us what they really think or are they just posers who want very badly to be a game nerd?  Gotta say, that seems like a victory for team geek when instead of begging to be taken seriously we are vetting the credentials of people who want to report on stories we are interested in!

Also, who cares how much real gaming experience these people have anyway?  Aside from geeks with an axe to grind against remembered villains from high school, that is...  The point of a show is to be entertaining and informative; if some random person wrote the script and an actor delivered it competently it makes absolutely no difference to the content OR the entertainment.  This just in:  Christian Bale isn't *really* Batman but the movies he makes where he pretends to be Batman are awesome.

This is how you bake a great news cake:  A big dollop of truth, a small handful of interesting, plenty of funny, and a small sprinkling of sexy on the top.  Mmmmm, delicious newsy confections.

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