Saturday, November 10, 2012

The naturalness of being straight

One of the foolish, misguided, and factually challenged things that homophobes use to denigrate homosexuality is that it is unnatural.  The claim is that in the natural world homosexuality is nonexistent and only the perversity and sinfulness of mankind leads us to accept homosexual behaviour.  Of course this is nonsense and easily disproved by rampant homosexual behaviour in many species, particularly other primates.  Unsurprisingly heterosexual behaviour is by far the norm (that whole needing to reproduce thing) but the natural world certainly leads us to think that homosexuality is a thing that happens.  Last night I found the most wonderful thing in the newspaper that takes these discoveries to a whole new level:  Gay parents adopting children in nature.

Not only is this a picture of cute penguins, it is also a picture of two gay male penguins in a long term relationship who adopted a abandoned penguin egg.  That's right, gayness is busy 'ruining' the institution of marriage and the process of child rearing at the South Pole just like it is in the rest of the world.  It makes me smile to read such things.  Not that logic is likely to have the slightest effect on bigotry of course but I find great joy in reading about unexpected situations like this and silently cheering.

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