Sunday, December 20, 2015

The fun stuff

My Kickstarter for my board game Camp Nightmare is trundling along, but it isn't going quite the way I thought it would.  I designed the Kickstarter around the idea that I would get 500 copies of the game made, figuring that most people would want just 1 copy.  I know that lots of Kickstarter campaigns offer cool stuff for backers if they pledge a lot of money so I decided to offer the option to name a card after yourself or to craft a card from scratch that would ship with the game.  I figured I might as well put those up there just in case, but I wasn't at all sure anyone would be interested in dropping several hundred dollars on them.

Turns out I misread my audience in a big way!  Half of the big ticket backer options are already gone, with 3 people wanting to name a card and 1 wanting to design one.  However, I have only acquired 9 backers for the basic amount, which is $20 for the game and $20 for shipping to Canada.  That surprised me greatly, and I wasn't at all sure what to think of it.

It does mean the financial side of things doesn't look the way I expected either.  The amount of money I have backed is much higher than I expected given that I have only got orders for 43 games and have $2875 dollars pledged.  So there are some people that have shown great interest, which is great!

Unfortunately I need to ramp up the general interest in the game a lot if I am going to hit my target.  I have 17 days left, and I need to get orders for another ~450 games to make it a go.  27 games / day is a lofty goal considering that most Kickstarter funding tends to come in the first few days and slows greatly by the end.

Only time will tell!

My brother backed me for the 'create a card' option, and he wants this picture to be the basis for the new card.  I don't yet know what it will do, but it certainly fits the theme:

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