Thursday, December 17, 2015

A swing and a ...

Over the past sixteen months I have been building a game called Camp Nightmare.  It is a co-op game for one to six players that is about a camping trip gone horribly wrong.  Everyone has to work together to try to survive a terrible series of mishaps and endeavour to have as much fun as possible along the way.

Yesterday I hit the big GO button for my Kickstarter campaign to try to get a bunch of copies of the game produced.  Basically I had two options from the outset:  A game with less stuff, but which I could print a smaller number of copies of, or a better game with more stuff that required at least 500 copies.  The Kickstarter is my attempt to make the second option work.  It will allow me to make the game just the way I want and to look as pretty and professional as possible.  However, it remains quite unclear if I will end up succeeding in getting that many people on board.

If the idea of a co-operative camping game appeals to you, the Kickstarter page is Here.  There are simple options where you get a copy of the game mailed to you, but if you really want to get involved and have your name on a card in the game or even design your own card that is available.

I already have one person excited enough to back the 'name a card after you' option, which seems fantastic as a start.

I am a big bundle of nerves and energy, a combination of worry about costs and taxes and hassle combined with excitement that I am finally trying this.

Here are some pictures from the game.  As you can see the art is already done and it looks superb, so the only thing left to do is to get production going with one plan or the other.

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