Thursday, October 22, 2015

The hottie

I thought a lot of things about Justin Trudeau were interesting and might get talked about after the election.  His family dynasty, his campaign style, maybe even his party platform and promises were all on my mind.

The fact that Trudeau is, apparently, a stone cold hottie wasn't really the thing I was thinking about.

It turns out that the rest of the world is mostly interested in how attractive our new Prime Minister is and across the globe people were commenting about how much they wanted to rub bits of themselves on JT and sharing an image of him shirtless in a boxing pose.

Following this there was some backlash against the overwhelming objectification of Canada's new leader, and then backlash against the backlash.  Feminists were arguing that we shouldn't objectify him because we wouldn't want a female leader having her looks be the only thing people noticed, and then feminists on the other side argued that it isn't the same thing at all because men aren't treated the same way with regards to their looks and the objectification in this case can be treated as more of a single thing and not part of a societal norm.

I kind of wander down the middle on this one.  We should probably be more focused what JT's election means politically (get the census back online for 2016, stat!) rather than whether or not he is a cutie.  On the other hand this doesn't strike me as a big deal either, as I doubt it is bothering JT nor is it a part of systemic issues.

Really I just sit here baffled that the thing people are all afluster about is the ethics of talking about the relative attractiveness of the new Prime Minister instead of all the other really important stuff.  It isn't a bad conversation to have, but wow I sure didn't see it coming.

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