Monday, October 26, 2015

Its alive!

I finally have a real live copy of Camp Nightmare (the board game I have been developing for a year) in my grasp.  All the art is done and I went and got it printed out.  It feels great to have cards with good colour, proper art, and even a really nice snap to them in my hands.  My old prototypes were just slips of paper with terrible art, terrible colour, and I had to use old Magic sleeves to keep them stiff.

Now I am busy cutting things out with scissors and stacking everything up.  I admit, I had lots of doubts surrounding the expenditure of time and money to make the game real as the months passed, but now that I can actually feel it I am so happy it exists.

The Kickstarter to make the game a thing for real is going to be a big project, and it is still intimidating to some extent.  I will have to promise a lot of stuff to a lot of people and hope that nothing goes critically wrong that leaves me unable to deliver.  But just look at that manual and that board!  They look like something real people made, instead of hacked together junk like I have always used for these things.

It is time to go camping.  Roast some marshmallows, run from some bears, sit miserable in the pouring rain, and most of all cope with fellow campers and their wild ideas about what exactly the group should do on their trip through the wilderness.

If you want to keep tabs on my Kickstarter progress the page for it on Facebook is here.  If you Like it you will see the posts I make and know when things get going, which will be soon.  I had thought things would go faster, but now I really see from personal experience why everybody says that the process of getting a Kickstarter and a game going is a slow thing.  Even when the total time investment isn't huge everything has to be done in order and life gets in the way.  Soon though, so very soon.

One more picture, this time of the stack of Gear cards you can use during your ill fated trip.

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  1. The artwork is beautiful. Can't wait to play it!