Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Good news

Yesterday Elli and I went to Sick Kids Hospital.  We have been there a lot over the past few years dealing with her ongoing kidney issues so it is becoming a familiar pattern.  No matter how many times we need to do the drawing blood process though it is always a traumatic thing.  Elli likes giving blood about as much as I do, which is to say it is a very unhappy thing, and she lacks the discipline yet to keep it together.  Buying her a stuffed animal after the tests has become a routine for us now though there is still a bit of conflict over whether or not the stuffed animal can be as big as she is or not.

Thankfully the visit yesterday was a good one for us.  Elli hasn't had any serious issues for a year and a half now and her tests came out better than ever before, just barely outside of normal.  The doctors there think that we should just keep doing whatever it is we are doing and come back in a year to see if anything has changed.  The message was, in essence, that Elli is fine and will not need further intervention but that they will keep an eye out just in case.  Both of those things are a tremendous relief.

It is a joyous thing to be coming out of Sick Kids feeling so much better about the world, especially when we see so many children there who are so much worse off.  Not only are our problems going away, but seeing how ill the other kids are gives me an extra dose of gratitude that our struggles were never as bad as that.  Oftentimes we parents look around the world and see people's carefully curated histories of their children's accomplishments and wonder why we aren't achieving all that they are.  Looking at children who aren't trying to win medals but are really just hoping to live another year helps lift you out of Facebook jealousy mode and makes you happy that all you have to worry about is how good your kids look on Facebook.

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