Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What does this say about me

There is a very cute video making the rounds of people sharing a first kiss on camera.  The creators found random people willing to kiss a stranger and then filmed their reactions and awkwardness as they went about sharing that kiss.  It is sweet and amusing and silly.  I got partway through and clicked away, bored with it as I could see where it was all going.  Also I don't particularly go in for entertainment that primarily revolves around people feeling embarrassed; I tend to empathize too much and find it uncomfortable.

(I did eventually watch the whole thing when I decided to blog about it.)

Of course when I found a video that is a spinoff of the first one entitled First Handjob I couldn't resist.  That one I watched all the way through the first time.  Somehow because it was scripted and not authentic it felt entirely different - comedy instead of tragedy, or something along those lines.  I am very impressed with it though as it really feels authentic or as close as you can reasonably get anyway.

A handjob is not generally marketed as an intimate thing, about sharing, but rather about raw gratification and lust.  I don't particularly buy into that view as it stems from general sex negativity and has no real basis in objective fact.  Any sex act that creates joy can be a wonderful and special thing and it need not be on the standard baseball analogy starting with a kiss and ending in baby making intercourse.  Sex and physical intimacy take all kinds of courses and beauty does not require the genitals to be sequestered away.

I am sad that they only went for men getting manual sex.  It would have been better had the whole range been shown.  Note that the video shows nothing explicit but obviously is still not especially safe for work.


  1. The first video actually wasn't random people at all. It's a video put out by a clothes company and features entirely models.

    It was 'real' in the sense the models didn't know each other so were legitimately kissing for the first time. But it wasn't random people willing to kiss a stranger. It was models willing to take on a job.

  2. Eh, fair enough. Their reactions still seem fairly authentic though so I suspect that doesn't really change much. Not in my mind, anyway. It is the first kissing that is interesting rather than the random nature of it. Good to know that everything cool on the internet is monetized though. :)