Monday, March 17, 2014

Pie Day and silence

A few posts were missed last week.  Though it is possible to write blog posts on my phone I just can't bring myself to do so; without the ability to see the whole thing as a unit and edit it in that form I just don't have the drive to blog.  Somehow my ability to prescreen my writing and experience it prior to exposing it to the world is important.  The cottage used to be a place away from screens and information flow, an island in the sea of data.  It doesn't do that anymore due to me having a smartphone - it feels more like it is a place where my connection is just terrible instead of nonexistent.  Really not the same thing it turns out as nonexistent brings some kind of peace and terrible just brings frustration.

It was strange to come back to the city.  I went from digging trenches through a meter of snow in order to get to the cottage itself into a city with scraps of snow here and there but mostly bare concrete and exposed grass.  Though I do like the signs of spring here I really wish Toronto could be a lot more about a big dump of snow to give us some good sledding and then get rid of it all instead of being mired in slush for four months.

I can't decide if I like March Break or not.  It is nice to get away from the daily treks to the school and homework and such but having Elli home and with me so constantly eventually wears me down.  I lack that total alone time, the silence that I so desperately need.  Not as though I get a choice in the matter, to be fair, but if somehow I was put in charge of the universe I am not certain March Break is a thing I would heartily support.

Regardless, back to the routine it is.  Hopefully back to the routine of writing regularly too, though of late that has proven challenging.  So many things fighting and clawing for my time.
Pie day was quite nice though.  Cherry isn't my favourite sort of pie but I can't complain when it is pie I am eating on the day reserved for pie.  Apparently the trick is to have pie next year on 3/14/15 at 9:26 if one wishes to maintain full on geek cred.

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  1. I was never much of a fan of March Break either, when I had little kids at home and couldn't afford to go away somewhere warm. I'd be more in favour of a week off in late April when spring fever hits and everyone really wants to play outside all day long.