Friday, November 15, 2013

Flipping out over bedtime

Lately Elli has taken to going to sleep in my bed.  (Well, the bed belonging to me and Wendy, but that is just so awkward a turn of phrase.)  Unfortunately she regularly turns bedtime geography into a bit of a mess as she twists and turns trying to decide which bed to fall asleep in.  Either way she ends up in her own bed after a short while so which choice she makes is of no importance to me but the act of choosing a bedtime locale is quite the challenge in her mind.

Recently I tried a bit of a shortcut to making decisions:  I introduced her to flipping coins.  She was instantly fascinated by the idea of deciding things randomly and took to it immediately.  Even more so she seems to have grasped advanced coin flipping right away.  For those who aren't aware basic coin flipping is simply using a random number generator to make decisions.  Clean, easy.  Advanced coin flipping is using a random number generator to tell you what you wanted in the first place.  If you flip heads and think "Awww, I really want to flip again...." then you had best do whatever tails was going to make you do.

The very first time I flipped a coin for her to decide which room to go to bed in she immediately called for a reflip and gave me a secretive and somewhat sheepish grin.  She knew deep down that she wanted to go to sleep in my bed and it became obvious once the coin was in the air.  Now this is the standard for me when she can't decide; flip and coin and then reflip as often as necessary until she gets the result the really wants.  Thankfully she isn't so up on the cheating and I can, if I am careful, generate the result I know she wants pretty reliably with a bit of sleight of hand.  I let the first flip be as random as a coin toss can be and then just make sure it lands the other way the second time.

I don't want to run that 1 in 1024 chance of having to flip ten times after all.  Once you know what you want, git er done.


  1. hahahaha, this is awesome... I am totally sending this to Hira, this is gonna be me *exactly*

  2. You are going to subtly impart the gambler's fallacy upon her!